Fort Madalena

Fort Madalena is a fortress built during the Reign of Queen Victoria and forms part of massive defence lines. The fort was built in two phases, the first was the pentagonal shaped fort built as part of the Victoria Lines defences [1878–1880], and the second was the addition of a 9.2 inch coastal defence battery. The 9.2 inch battery was added to the seaward side of the Fort.

Fort Madalena was later occupied by the Royal Air Force and used as a communications post. The buildings added on top of the original Fort structure are evidence of this era. The Fort is now the Head Quarters and Training School of SJRC and regular exercises are conducted at the Fort.

The original Fort is relatively small, the short sides of the pentagon are approximately 30 metres long and surrounded by a ditch about 6 metres deep and 4 metres across. The additional section on the seaward side used to mount two 9.2 inch coastal defence guns and the original mountings can still be seen, as can the magazine. The Fort is approached via a narrow passage through the scarp and then across a narrow bridge. The ditch is defended by elaborate counter-scarp galleries.

Fort Madalena is the property of the Government of Malta and falls under the responsibility of the Armed Forces of Malta.


Victoria Lines

The Maltese Victoria Lines built by the British and finished in the year of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee (1897), hence their name.

 The Victoria Lines Malta walk route starts or finishes from Madliena Heights (east) near the Madliena Fort and the Victoria Lines Malta goes to Kuncizzjoni (west) near Fomm Ir-Rih Bay.

The Victoria Lines or as it was original know as the North West Wall, were built along the top of the escarpment known as the Great Fault line. This surprising geology feature of Malta divides the island in half and gives the walker a great scenic view.


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