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Luxol Sports Foundation

Luxol Sports Foundation V/O 1078

Luxol Sports Foundation is an organisation dedicated to promoting sports excellence within Malta and engaging with young people and adults to encourage participation in sports to help them improve their quality of life and to promote public awareness about a healthier lifestyle through physical activities and outdoor recreation.

Founded in 1968 the club has built a reputation that specializes in leisure programmes and in the development of sports. Namely, football, futsal, basketball and handball and to date we have over 600 participants in football, 100 in futsal, 250 in basketball and 100 in handball being coached by qualified coaches that encourage engagement and excellence. Our members actively participate in various leagues organized by Malta’s governing associations (i.e. Malta Football Association, Youth Football Association, Malta Basketball Association & Malta Handball Association).

The Foundation has the following objectives:

  1. To target the promotion of a healthy lifestyle through sports by concentrating on the benefits that can be gained by outdoor activities and an active lifestyle;
  2. To support and encourage the continued professional development and encourage entrepreneurial mindset in the training of coaches, players and administrators in all sport disciplines;
  3. To educate young people and adults about the value of sports which plays a major role in promoting understanding, breaking down barriers and celebrating diversity
  4. To seek and promote, on a national level, the participation of young people and adults in sports and outdoor recreation;
  5. To raise public awareness about a healthier lifestyle through sports and outdoor recreation;
  6. To educate the public about the importance of sport in our daily life, and in supporting and nurturing emerging talent;
  7. To improve the self-confidence, self- reliance, self-image and public awareness in the formulation of worthwhile goals and performances from an early age, improving the image of young people and adults through sports;
  8. To improve the conditions of young people and adults in general, especially in their place of work, school, trade or professional activity, develop their vocational skills, knowledge and confidence, as well as improve their continuing personality development and overcome barriers to employment or self-employment;
  9. To eradicate discrimination of whatever nature against persons with disabilities and foster inclusion in society through the medium of sports;
  10. To promote and present the interests, rights, needs, of young people and adults to the notice of local administration and authorities, international organizations and other authorities;
  11. To encourage and promote research concerning sports and outdoor recreation.

Sport offers a safe, enjoyable and fun environment in which young people and adults alike can learn the meaning of respect and values, good behaviour and discipline. A positive sports environment also offers space where people from all backgrounds can integrate irrespective of their colour, race or religion. This spirit of unity through sport is something we are constantly striving to cultivate. Luxol Sports Foundation endeavours to provide reasonable levels of support required by individuals who experience difficulty in learning or making progress, as far as is possible, within the available resources and statutory requirements.

Luxol Sports Foundation has gained invaluable European Leonardo and Erasmus+ management experience since 2006 by firstly hosting and managing incoming mobility exchanges from many EU countries including Northern Ireland and Scotland. It is normal for us to manage circa 100 incoming learners in various groups with their tutors and to organise work placements and internships within Malta and our staff has a high level of Erasmus+ expertise. Health and Safety checks on Malta workplaces and the matching of learners to appropriate work experience is also an area of expertise. This experience also includes the organisation of accommodation, cultural visits, transport, educational input, tournaments and competitions. The management and administration of work placements and internships in various industrial sectors including Child Care & Early Years, Leisure, Health, Sports, Construction, Dentistry, Fitness, Hair & Beauty, Web Design, Social Care and Retail is also a significant part of our growing Erasmus+ experience.

Luxol Sports Foundation aims to promote mobility, intercultural dialogue and encourage inclusion. We believe that bringing people together from diverse cultures serves them to learn about each other and allows them to express openly their hidden capabilities.

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